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The trial packs can effectively promote your baby's interest in learning, so that your baby can easily learn English, Mathematics and moral values. It will also help to enhance the parent-child relationship.

In addition, parents can learn how the unique pedagogy of Oxford Path promotes the whole person development of the baby.
Trial pack (0-2)
Prenatal trial pack
After completing the registration, you will receive a trial pack (also a gamified Maths Adventure sticker page for children aged 0-2) and abundant online resources. Make an appointment and complete the "1-on-1 Experience Session" to get:
☆Parents-to-be: maraca for prenatal education;
☆Parents of children aged 0-2:
1. Talking Cards with textures and
2. Thematic Poster.

Oxford Path’s Home Learning Planners will explain to parents the use of the trial pack in detail and will also provide personalized advice on learning based on the environment children grow up.

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Get a trial pack for FREE!
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Terms and Conditions:
1. The trial packs are only available to parents-to-be or parents of children aged 0 to 2. The registrant must have not claimed any gifts from Oxford Path in the past 6 months;
2. Each family can only register and request for a trial pack once;
3. The printed trial pack will be mailed to your registered mailing address;
4. Oxford University Press has the right to require registrants to submit pregnancy or baby birth certificates to verify their identity;
5. The pictures and contents of the trial packs are for reference only. The contents of the actual trial packs shall prevail;
6. The registrant must ensure that the information filled in the registration form is correct, otherwise it will be disqualified;
7. Once the registrant submits the registration form, it means that he/she agree and accept the Terms and Conditions of this event. If the registrant violates the above Terms and Conditions, Oxford University Press reserves the right to cancel his/her qualification for the trial packs;
8. If you have any questions, please drop an inbox message at the Oxford Path Facebook page or call 2516 4567;
9. In case of any dispute, Oxford University Press reserves the right of final decision.